"What Sort of Alternative Energy
Do YOU Think We Should be Seeking?"

How are we going to achieve effective alternative energy solutions? Governments have been slow to give significant commitments to ease global climate change.

Is there a way we can find clean energy sources in time? Are renewable energy sources going to be cost effective to really help the planet? What can we do?

In 1989, while my family was in Turkey, huge changes electrified the world. The Berlin Wall was torn down. Eastern European governments changed one after the other.

And so much was brought about by people power - huge numbers in these countries stood up and said there needed to be a change. And change did occur.

In more recent years we have seen similar reactions and changes occurring in the Arab world. As dictatorial leaders have aged people have demanded change. It has occurred from Egypt to Libya. We still await Syria's painful results.

There have been efforts on the part of a number of countries to follow agreements from prolonged meetings on greenhouse emissions. Major powers elected not to participate. Without their commitment significant change is unlikely.

Kyoto, the largest protocol agreement was nearing the end of its term of operation. New commitments needed to be made to continue progress. Recent economic downturns lessened the chances for rolling it over or extending it.

Then the Paris summit occurred.  A huge new multi-party agreement was feted in its aim to limit global warming below two degrees centigrade - considered a crucial tipping point.

Yet within the largest economies involved there are major political factions and lobbies threatening to derail any agreement to pursue their own agendas.  

Much of the world's focus is on a number of high profile alternatives and research avenues. There are problems, yet to be admitted, with some current options. Also costly research initiatives are diverting funds from possibilities that could yield cheaper and more environmentally friendly methods.

In meeting a number of people in positions to influence and improve our alternative energy choices, I have been amazed at their lethargy. Their lack of enthusiasm does nothing to stimulate the utilization of better and more effective choices.

We can use people power to achieve alternative power solutions. Better still solutions that will effectively reduce global warming problems. And will also provide billions of years of cheap energy to all the planet.

Here I would love to provide key sources of alternative energy possibilities available now and in the near future. And to act as a discussion point to generate new options.

The more input people make the more interesting and wide the solutions and discussions could be. People power was effective in the past. It can be so again.

Let's do it!

The more the world's actions in this area are exposed the less optimistic I feel about any government-led initiative.  Is that cause for discouragement?  What about Ukraine, MH17 and Russia's complicity? With such an ineffective direction maybe there isn't any hope. Again even now I don't think so.

Further people-led actions have toppled non-responsive leadership.  The internet and mobile connected world gives so much more power and choices to individuals and groups.  Other forms of co-operation are appearing as the ancient boundaries and administrations prove sluggish, unresponsive and perverse.

In fact the role of individuals embracing change themselves rather than waiting for central governments and major utilities to supply them seems more and more likely to be the avenue of salvation in this complex minefield.

We have some other alternative energy action possibilities to yet make this happen in a way that will benefit us all and this delicate, complex and diverse spaceship we occupy. 

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