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Nuclear fusion news is changing daily as new developments are being planned in many institutions in many countries.

If this really is our best chance for billions of years of clean, green energy then we should be pressing for its development as much as we can.

The best way to be really effective at pressing to ensure this means of energy comes to the top of the world's agenda for our future is to know what is out there, where it is and the best possible estimate of the timeline for it coming online.

To best achieve this I have included Google News to keep updating developments as they occur.

ITER Poloidal facility construction April 2011

ITER Poloidal Field Coil Winding Facility in April 2011. Courtesy of ITER

People Power Contribution

As this will not cover all the bases I have included a space for people to include their own nuclear fusion news as well. This will give us the chance to hear at the earliest possible moment developments before they break the general news. We can check them out and promote the most promising.

This area will be most effective with many inputs to create the fullest information it is possible to obtain out there.

To be effective this will need some input from you, the visitor. While this might seem a little scary at first, think of what it will mean to the whole community and the world if we get multitudes of people sharing what they know, even the smallest thing - you never know how important it might be.

Breaking Down The Barriers

One extremely interesting aspect I found in my years of my medical practice was how isolated the various scientific communities are out there.

Scientific journals and conferences seem to always be focused about particular groups. Each of these has its own circle of connected people. And each of these is pursuing its own area of research.

The most interesting developments and real breakthroughs often seem to appear at the borders between various groups, when they interact with each other.

Because of the wealth of information out there a little connection can spark a huge leap forward in some special area. What could this mean for each of us and the planet as a whole?

Fusion News Items

Previously available means of generated fusion news items to display as headline and summary on the current web page are no longer accessible.  It is however possible to link directly to such sources.

Google News

For those preferring Google's reach you can check out the most recent news here.

Bing News

If you like the Bing take, then follow the appropriate link right at this point.

Do You Have Some Breaking News In Nuclear Fusion?

The more imformation we have about what is going on out there the more we can all benefit and make more informed decisions

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