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Shop 1st aims to provide best quality products at great prices within the area of alternative energy.  Initially these will be available through on-line sales.  Production of the first few products were to be accelerated by utilising effective crowdfunding.

Product number one is already in process.  There was an early chance, as mentioned in the headlight page, of winning one to these for free immediately before its release for crowdfunding on Indiegogo.  

Looking Towards Brighter Future PossibilitiesPossibilities For A Brighter Future

Although beginning with a relatively simple product, its genesis will provide experience and a viable pathway for further products that should be even more cutting edge.  By adopting this production model many more people can be involved to drive a course for change and the early availability of up-to-the-minute, highly effective and affordable technology.

Current World Scene

For many of us, the future looks uncertain.  That and a minefield.  Global warming is already producing severe weather patterns, challenging our understanding of “hundred year events”.  

Frequent Flooding In Towns Becoming More FrequentIncreasing Incidence Of Town And City Flooding

Waiting for governments to adopt policies to avert the worst outcomes looked to have come to fruition in the recent Paris climate conference agreements.  But partisan politics already threatens to derail signed plans.  Centralised responses seemed doomed to be less than effective, especially if we want to reverse current changes.

The influence big businesses, including utilities, exert on our elected representatives has caused even visionary and potent leaders to buckle and grossly modify their pledged plans. Are we that beholden to our leaders to be powerless to bring change?  

Do we need to be subject to increasing uncertainties for power, food and amenities provision?  Is it not possible to adopt changes individually that will secure our own futures and that of the world?

Current Models

I look at the price to install a current model of solar power generation.  It is less than the price of a good car.  We seem to have no problem shelling out hard earned cash (albeit maybe in loan form) to have the last model which we will upgrade in a few years.  

Why are we not prepared to self fund an energy system that will provide us years of freely available power without strapping ourselves to the vagaries of future supply and costs from a utility company?

Dense Transmission Lines From Our UtilitiesHeavy Utility Dominance

To encourage people to adopt renewable energy without the up front expense companies are offering to provide effective no cost panels and systems with our consent to pay for power at a set price over decades.  Why not supply our own and cut the apron strings that tie us to continued costs?  Especially as many of us head for retirement?

Shop 1st

Shop 1st aims to bring a number of these types of products that can revolutionise our future under its iAltEn brand.  By seeking rapid deployment of new developments in alternative energy, early adopters and those seeking a more predictably secure future can plan their own way forward.

iAltEn Logo Scaled

Shop 1st will proceed a step at a time with sequential products for those with access to on-line services.

Future Possibilities

But as new technology adoption accelerates it should be possible for people across the world to benefit from such systems, enabling many more to embrace an energy secure and rich future at a price they can afford.  

Current political upheaval and mass relocations should become virtually unheard of if many more have access to the benefits we all enjoy and we eliminate the fossil fuel drive to supply our economies.

As you return to Shop 1st you should find an increasing number of products of vital use to you in a rich alternative energy future.

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