Gaia Pictures - Illustrating
Life - Perpetuating Wonder

Gaia pictures more effectively illustrate the complex inter-related organism that is our living planet. As the units comprising this organic structure vary from huge oceans to microscopic cells all working together, the inter-connections can appear nebulous.

Thin layer of atmosphere swaddling the earth - NASA photos
Wondrous colors of Earth contrasted with monochrome of Moon

Vast expanse of blue -
the tightly-crust-clasping
blue seas, green-blue land,
white clouds - moisture puffs
reflecting heat,
dropping life-giving water
awakening mother Gaia
to a cycle of life, death,
renewing and replenishing.
In torrents releasing earth,
carbon rich,
gushing to sea bowels.

River in flood carrying vast quantities of silt - iStockPhoto
Image of a foraminiferans climate controlling organism - Getty Images

incorporating into internal
structures, external
tests and shells,
growing, shedding,
tumbling to ocean floor,
renewing ocean floor layers.

Magma reaching surface as lava - iStockPhoto

Non-linear deep
molten fluid
rock swirling drags
earth's skin,
driving one plate
upon another, one
heading deeper,
the other thrust skyward,
revealing ancient strata,
chalk-like rocks for
weathering, changing,
molding, breaking.

Zakynthos Ionian Greek Island - recycled carbon in sea creatures - iStockPhoto
Active volcano resurfacing earth-bound carbon - iStockPhoto

Fiery deep depths
revealing congealing
liquid rocks,
throwing carbon upward
into the air, matching
sea-returning sediment,
life-forms, foliage -
eternal mixing, exchanging,
trading and enlivening.

Tropical rainforest fixing carbon via photosynthesis - iStockPhoto

Respired gases of
life-giving cycles
snatched, grabbed,
ingested for
new life,
creating ever anew
refreshing oxygen,
perpetuating growth,
life, renewal.

Gaia Pictures

Warming surfaces from
radiant sun-power
all-encompassing air.

Wind circling over ocean surface creating surface disturbances - iStockPhoto
Life-giving and recycling ocean depths - iStockPhoto

Rising, drawing in
fresh new gases
to replace
those resurrected,
non-linear air streams,
dragging across saline
water surfaces, viscously
heaping up ripples,
currents sweeping
the world's oceans,
molded by coastlines,
continuously exchanging
temperatures about
the globe,
warm into cold regions,
cool into warm,
covering air,
dry or moist,
moderating and moistening,
stroking and enfolding
land edges nearby, before
cooling and diving deep
to oceans' nether regions,
absorbing more carbon
to take with it below,
those darkened regions
with fresh bounty
from above, circling and
to far away points
before rising,
warming and releasing
more of those
ingested gases
thousands of miles
from their beginnings.

Antarctic landscape and life with penguins - iStockPhoto
Clouds forming over ocean - iStockPhoto

Glistening white ice,
reflecting sunlight
out to the heavens,
matching white-topped
clouds floating above,
generated by microscopic
sulphur compound forming
increasing with higher
causing droplets to form
about the moisture
in the clouds,
reflecting more light
to space,
dropping earth surface
slowing planktic growth,
producing less sulphides,
reducing cloud formation,
allowing sun's light
and heat to penetrate and
rewarm Gaia's surface.

Amazonian lake with surrounding forest - iStockPhoto
Recycling forest floor decay by fungi - iStockPhoto

Vast tropical forests
stimulated with increased heat,
growing, multiplying faster,
ceasing growth,
dying, decaying -
methane releasing, trapping
yet more heat for
increased growth,
recirculating nutrients
from lush underfoot past growth.
Gaia pictures:
Small organisms latching
onto past growth,
recycling older growth
to new.

Action of lichen breaking down solid rock - iStockPhoto
Forest stream carrying broken rock surface - iStockPhoto

Lichen grasping,
spreading on rock,
latching onto,
gradually breaking down
iron-hard surfaces to
fine powdery residue,
serving as footing
for more growth;
at times washed powerfully
into the streams, rivers,
sea to replenish
deep depths,
later to be thrust forth
or dug out in an
endless cycle of birth,
death and rebirth.

Fault lines showing clearly from shifting earth plates - iStockPhoto
Romanesco cauliflower showing fractal patterns of mandelbrot design -iStockPhoto

Simple changes,
adjusting multiplication and
utilization methods,
feeding back new
changes, new growth,
new by-products
in mandelbrot adjustments
and corrections,
seemingly random,
with underlying dazzling,
terrifying order and

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