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arrow button Save money on your electricity bills
arrow button Avoid spending your hard earned      money on carbon tax
arrow button Contribute to an emission free     society
arrow button Get endless supply of cheap     electricity
arrow button Give the gift of GOOD HEALTH to                                your children

Hello Friend,

Have you ever wondered how using an alternative energy source can help you and the future generations? Have you ever thought about what the world would be like a few years hence if we continued the mindless energy wastage?

When it comes to global warming most of us just shrug it off thinking that it is the Government’s responsibility to tackle global warming and issues related to it.

However that’s far from the truth!

Here are some of the effects of Global Warming that will directly affect us:

arrow button With the rise in temperature the earth becomes a     breeding ground for insects, pests and rodents. So     there will be outbreaks of several diseases
arrow button Hurricanes, floods and droughts will become common     (we are already experiencing these)
arrow button Rising sea levels (Current sea levels are at a record     high)
arrow button Natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunami are     taking toll on human life. In past few years     earthquakes and tsunami have taken a heavy toll on     human life and assets


The Immediate Effect Of Global Warming is Your Increased Electricity Bill

Just check your electricity bills for the past few years. What do you see? Check the units consumed. You will be stunned to see a huge leap in the consumption. A part of it may be due to increased consumption of electronic items.... But the majority of it can be attributed to extreme temperatures - an effect of global warming!

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Don’t be a mere spectator. Nature has abundant resources. You need to make use of it

Nature has blessed us with abundant energy resources. We can use these resources to generate our own emission free energy which should last us for another billion years or so. But are we utilizing these free resources to the fullest? Are we ready for a clean energy source? Or are we happy increasing pollution and leaving a highly polluted society for our future generations?

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Some people opine that the sun is inactive and inefficient

There’s a myth going around that sun is inactive and inefficient. Well, that’s how the nature has designed it to be. If the sun really did use all its fuel in one gigantic fusion reaction we would have a galactic hydrogen bomb - something multiple times bigger than a supernova. Actually it is its very slow-burning nature that makes it so useful.

It is in fact a demonstration for us as to how we could benefit from our own man-made mini suns. Each atom-sized nuclear reaction, in microscopic fuel levels, creates oodles of energy.

To relate it to our day to day lives, nuclear fusion can save you from carbon taxes!!!

Nuclear Fusion Kindle Book author

Before that let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am Mark Denekamp from Auckland, New Zealand. I was always fascinated by Nuclear Fusion and its probability of being used as an alternative energy source. It always intrigued me no end why we hadn’t achieved success in using Nuclear Fusion to the extent it could be.

At the time when I had to choose my career I was confronted with a difficult choice. I had to decide between leaving my home land or leaving my passion for Nuclear Fusion, since the top notch research institutes were based out of New Zealand.

Well leaving my home land was a difficult choice at that age so I chose medicine. As I progressed with my studies I started making increasing use of lasers in medicine and re-ignited the idea of producing Fusion energy.

I focused my research on the work already accomplished by other noted personalities in the field. I explored the possibilities of further development and what I saw was incredibly amazing.

This is how the eBook ‘Nuclear Fusion Kindle Book: The Best Answer to Planet Warming’ was born.

What does the Nuclear Fusion Kindle Book have for you?

check Global Warming and its effect on human life
check How are governments taking steps to thwart the adverse     effects
check How much Carbon Tax you will have to pay
check What are the alternative power resources available and     how much you will have to pay for these
check Why Nuclear Fusion is the best solution for your     alternative energy needs
check The benefits of Nuclear Fusion
check Know what is possible for you
check Understand the best power options for you and for the     future generations
check And lots more

This Nuclear Fusion Kindle Book has a host of ideas that you have never seen or read about anywhere else. It gives you an insight in to how you can be a step ahead and how you can achieve the most effective carbon-free economy in the shortest possible time.

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Understanding the implications of the present energy resource, the available alternatives and what is possible and underway will equip you to ask power suppliers and governments for the best alternatives... Alternatives that have the potential of saving the environment and providing us with clean energy resources at an affordable price.

This Nuclear Fusion Kindle Book is an invaluable source of information that will not just help you save on your electricity bills but also help you contribute towards a better tomorrow.

To A Better World,

Mark Denekamp

P.S.: Let’s do our bit through information in this nuclear fusion Kindle book to make the world environment friendly for our children.

P.S.S.: Read this nuclear fusion Kindle book and see how you could benefit. Your family deserves this.

Global Warming Carbon Taxes and Nuclear Fusion As The Answer
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