"Real green energy for eternity"

by Bob Nikon
(New York, NY, U S A)

Real Green Energy For Eternity - Proposed Storage System for Renewable Resources

Real Green Energy For Eternity - Proposed Storage System for Renewable Resources

Is real green energy for eternity a possibility? Here I (Bob Nikon) propose a solution that will help lead all of us to live on a cleaner planet with plenty of energy that never runs out.

This is an initial posting.

I have previously related on my site how important energy is to our preferred lifestyles.

Here I explore our current sources of energy. The energy that has now become an inseparable part of our lives.

But how we obtain it has been impacting our way of life.

Exploration of Fossil Fuels:
There are three major forms of fossil deposits we obtain from mother nature: natural gas, coal and crude oil.

Natural Gas:
Natural gas is a product of fossil deposits processed by nature over a very long time. It is a form of carbon trapped deeply underground.

We use natural gas directly in limited ways compared with electricity. In fact all functions fueled by natural gas can be replaced by electricity.

Coal is another type of fossil deposits produced by natural processes underground.

It is frequently used as a fuel to generate electricity (as can natural gas).

Electricity is so widely used in our current way of life. Practically anything we want to nourish our preferred lifestyle requires electricity to make it all happen.

Electricity is a man-made product that can be generated by consuming fossil deposits such as coal, shale, wood and crude oil. Coal is the most efficient one.

We burn such fossil deposits in order to obtain energy in the form of electricity to deliver through the grid. That allows energy to be available wherever it is needed.

Crude Oil:
Crude oil, another form from fossil deposits, preserves carbon underground in a liquid form. Generally it has to be refined to run all types of machinery.

It has become vital for our transportation needs.

Whale Oil:
Over a century ago we used oil from whales for some of our energy needs. Some people realized that if we kept killing them for oil, sooner or later there would be no whales left for future generations.

In the mean time we discovered fossil deposits that could be used to replace oil from whales. Such were plentiful and effective but wouldn't it end up with the same problem? Eventually, there would be none left.

We have plenty of these fossil deposits in different forms at present - a plentiful supply to the extent some of us may feel no need to worry about it.

Population Challenges:
But our world population keeps growing due to:-

- multiplication through reproduction with every new generation. Reproduction is the most tenacious instinct in all creatures.

- advancing technologies in medical science that help for example the fight against influenza epidemics that can attack and kill people in large numbers.

- new nutritional research that allows people to live longer and healthier.

- great efforts in the study of big accidents, such as can occur in aviation, that can kill large numbers of people at one time. Such studies can prevent them from happening again.

- great wars like WW I & II are less likely to break out in the future. New generations realize even more the value of all human life. They are more likely to settle differences and conflicts more calmly lessening the chance of war.

Increased Energy Demand:
All these factors result in a larger population over time while everyone of us needs energy to live on.

It would be a huge mistake to continue living our lives without responding to this situation.

The depletion of all fossil deposits may not occur in our generation or in a few generations ahead. But it certainly will occur because the rate of replenishment by nature of these resources can not catch up with the rate of our energy consumption in relation to our progressive population growth.

There can be no arguments against this. We are living on borrowed time - the clock is ticking. Eventually, we will be forced to pay and it will be painful and expensive.

Not to mention the results created day by day augmenting the effects of global warming on our natural surroundings.

Over a long time we have learned how much energy can enrich our lives. We have striven to obtain our energy many from different sources. Such sources have changed from time to time as we have sought to make them more benign for the environment and more reliable.

Yet, despite all our efforts, we have gone on the wrong track time after time. We live on seemingly with no plans at all when it comes to energy.

It's time to make a change now folks, once and for all. Because a right choice is now at our disposal.

Real Green Energy For Eternity:
I am talking about an option for real green energy for the future.

Join me on this fight - a fight to draw solid plans for a more certain future and a clean planet to live.

We can have solid plans for all. Go to Hydro-eletrenergy Information and participate in these ideas.

Watch for my next article about free real green energy for eternity. I have a solid plan to reveal. We can eventually extricate ourselves completely from our heavy carbon footprint.

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