The Best Source For Alternative Energy

by Bob Nikon
(Island Park NY USA)

The Best Source Of Alternative Energy - A Proposal For Continuous Renewable Energy Generation

The Best Source Of Alternative Energy - A Proposal For Continuous Renewable Energy Generation

As the best source for alternative energy I (Bob Nikon) propose an apparatus that allows us to continuously generate renewable energy. Most renewable energy is varied in its availability. This apparatus should make it virtually always available for our use.

(This initial contribution has been installed after the second. But it gives further background)

Manipulating Our Environment:
Human beings have rebelled against living lives under the conditions imposed by nature. With our complex brain we have chosen to manipulate our environment in order to pursue our preferred way of life regardless of any nature-imposed conditions. We have conquered the most extreme conditions to live in practically any harsh climate in nearly every region on earth.

Other creatures have to adapt their DNA in order to transform their bodies to be suitable for such environments. That can take millions of years.

Why can humans settle down to live anywhere in just one generation?

Because we have such a complex brain that can manipulate things around us - in order to inhabit in any region on this planet regardless of the condition of the habitat.

Humans build their structures to dwell in from a variety of materials to maximize their comfort. Such materials may have come from different sources such as the trees, elements underground, sand, stones and so on.

Energy Requirements:
All these materials require energy to operate tools or to create heat to alter them to form the finished product. Ironically, we also need energy to keep our dwellings warm in winter and cool in summer as well as for operating household appliances.

Energy allows us to choose the lifestyle we prefer. So it becomes an important part of our lives. We cannot really live comfortably without it.

There are two main methods to obtain such energy in the form of electricity.

Fossil Fuels:
One is to burn fossil deposits such as crude oil and coal creating heat which can be converted into electricity. Our planet has an ample supply of fossil deposits at the present time but eventually they will be depleted. So far, nobody can predict when that will happen.

Green Energy:
The other method is "green energy" such as windmill, solar power and dammed water along with some other green energy methods such as ocean waves, geothermal and so on.

Green energy is clean and good for all our lives. But all of the forms come with restrictions in the timing of when they can yield electricity.

Most of them currently yield a miniscule amount of energy. At present all of them supply up to 1 percent of the total energy consumption we need.

The rest is taken care by the first method. Which carries on consuming these limited natural resources. In addition, this method emits heat and pollution into our atmosphere contributing to the cause of global warming.

Ironically we have nothing definite to rely on going into the future. Moreover, we are increasing our energy consumption with our increasing population.

Not only do we bring in new lives but also we multiply them with every new generation. The existing ones are prone to live longer due to our advanced technology. That means we consume our limited natural resources increasingly to obtain energy for our increasing population.

It is obvious that these resources will be depleted one day.

Energy Planning:
The crux of this matter is what will the later generations do when they have to face the depletion? Is there anything our generation ought to do to ensure certainty for them when we are a part the chain reaction of bringing more population on to this planet?

It appears that we live our lives day by day with no energy plan at all.

Contrarily, we have done the right thing when it comes to food. Here is something we have got right for decades. We have food enough to support increasing numbers of population.

Our earlier generations used to hunt animals for their food. They actually drove some species to extinction.

At some point of time people realized that if they kept killing wild animals for their meat to support the growing population they would drive all these animals to extinction. No more meat to eat later on.

An ideal way would be to farm them by selecting the ones producing large litters and the meat properties we wanted.

We do the same thing with vegetation to ensure we have enough food to sustain the growing population.

Unfortunately, when it comes to energy consumption we do not seem to have found an ideal way to handle our situation. Not until now.

The Best Source For Alternative Energy:
Fortunately a new idea is emerging on the horizon. One manipulating the effect of interactions between water and air driven by our most reliable and powerful energies.

With the outcome of an ample supply of electricity for us to use with no running costs. It is a complete "green energy".

More Information On The Best Source For Alternative Energy:
This idea is an apparatus that goes on pumping electricity by itself. This idea is the key to solving a lot of serious problems that we are now facing. Does it sound too good to be true?!?! Go to Hydro-electrenergy Information to find out.

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