Alternative Energy Stocks
Bound For Continued Growth

Alternative energy stocks are widely available around the world right now.

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And there is a large variety of them, varying from companies like General Electric and BP that are investing as part of their total energy strategy into alternative forms, to those that are completely dedicated to this field.

Large Cap Stocks

There are huge market leaders in some of these fields that are large capitalisation stocks (like Vestas Wind Systems) down to new starters with relatively small capitalisation.

What is the outlook for these alternative energy shares?

With carbon taxes financially driving the uptake of alternative energy generation and general public concerns, this is a growth segment.

Companies that get it right will make a killing. And those who invest in them can ride on the back of the trend. Who is there?

Some are known through news items and in business pages of daily newspapers to investment publications. And of course there are the brokers.

Beyond this you can look at the index funds which I have placed on another page here.

There are a number of these funds all composed a little differently, but usually they incorporate the bigger players in the alternative energy stock markets.

What Great Alternative Energy Stocks Do You Know?

Familiar with something under the radar that you love? Share your tip of great alternative energy stocks that you know!

With the increasing scarcity of current established energy provision there will be money to be made in these stocks in the immediate. We can see this now with the price of oil going through the roof.

This is the commodities trading price for oil that is moving. But it does reflect demand in these areas and the money that the involved companies can make from their current product.

A Recent Distraction From Alternative Energy Stocks

There has been an adjustment in the thirst for alternative energy sources recently.  Two major factors have driven this.  The first was the huge worldwide economic downturn from 2008 following the sub-prime loan debacle coming home to roost.

The second was the technological breakthrough of fracking and shale oil gas supply.  Rather illogically this has come to be regarded as a clean energy source.  Being cheap in an economic downturn time has helped to turn it into a Cinderella of the energy companies.  

As such it has deflected attention from accelerated development of other alternative energy forms.  And it has leant an air of false security to our current situation.  This wholesale rush may well be producing other environmental effects which will haunt us in the future. 

At some stage, though, the world will have to face the need to supply energy from renewable and long-lasting sources that do not soil this jewel of a planet we live on.

Then, as new energy alternatives become increasingly used, the value of these companies will rise.

Buy And Hold

This will be important especially for the buy and hold accumulator type profile investor.


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Those of a more trading nature will no doubt look more at shifts that are going on now and the way they can profit from these changes. With bankruptcies, dead end avenues of research, government changes in emphasis and economic swings volatility is a key component of alternative energy stocks.

Ethical Approaches

You can also assess stocks from a social conscience or ethical standpoint too if you wish to have that stance. Looking at the various carbon footprints these providers have can guide those so inclined.

Alternative energy stocks, with their emerging presence and importance in the world will become more valuable as time goes on. As with early investors in Microsoft, some fortunes can be made!

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