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This free energy video has sent a jolt through my world. Rob from Australia shared it with me some time ago. I placed it on my blog at the time.  But this will disappear with time if I do not give it a more permanent home.

Watching it again soon after the motivation of the speaker grabbed my heart and choked me up. Yes it is definitely worth watching especially right to the end to see if you too might not be incredibly moved, maybe even motivated even more to see some change.

This is what this site is about. That all of us can make a change - for good.

Be Moved On Free Energy Video

Filmed at the TED Global Conference Edinburgh, Scotland July 12 2011, no wonder Justin Hall- Tipping got a standing ovation at the end. He deserved it.

With a measured approach, but a ton of heart, he rips to the core of what we are on the brink of achieving. He has placed his heart and money behind his change in perspective.

There is so much useful information out there of developments about to happen. This is what needs to be disseminated even more. In knowing what is happening we can begin to plan to utilize it for our own homes and communities.

Let others know about this free energy video and its amazing perspective. See if it doesn't move a few others. See if it does not produce a flash-mob type response. Not a planned one, but one that arises spontaneously.

For those seeking a way to real free power this free energy video gives a starting point.

Who is Justin Hall-Tipping, the speaker on this free energy video?

Free Energy Video Speaker Justin Hall-TippingJustin Hall-Tipping

With a BSc (Hons) from City University, London in International Finance and Banking and an MBA from Harvard Business School, he has crossed the Atlantic divide.

Partner and director in venture capital, multimedia software and data intelligence, he had a sudden change in focus.

Seeing the report of the huge B15 iceberg breaking off from the Antarctic ice shelf in 2000, which he shares briefly in the video, transformed him.

NanoHoldings LLC

He decided to focus on the the increasing demand for energy, its use, generation and transmission. Specifically he chose the the field of nanotechnology, co-founding NanoHoldings LLC in 2003.

By building up a team of scientists working in the field of nanotechnology at leading universities in the UKUSA and Singapore the company utilizes the best strengths from various areas to create effective technologies in the shortest possible time.

Carbon Nanotube Films

Some of the current ideas and breakthroughs he shares on the free energy video. Carbon nanotubule films that can block or absorb sunlight with minimal energy switching, night vision films using available infrared energy are just a couple.

Carbon Zero Concrete

Not mentioned on the video but due for release this year is carbon-zero concrete. Utilizing fly ash - the chimney-captured waste dust from coal burning - they will offer an alternative cement for concrete manufacture.

It's the motivation Justin Hall-Tipping shares at the end of the free energy video that is so amazing. To carry this idea for years in his wallet driving him on is amazing.

But to see the reality behind the image is something more. That this is a real human being, just one of the thousands and millions who have died in various droughts and famines through the world.

It is possible for each of us to do something, even it it means just sharing this even more widely.

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