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Recent nanotechnology articles will enable us to keep track of how this rapidly developing field will affect the alternative energy industry. So much is happening in research and development, knowing about all that is coming can be difficult.

Gathering it into one constantly updated news page will enable us to keep up with possibilities we could utilize. Again if we are aware some new development is about to hit that would change our choices, we can spend our money more wisely.

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With knowledge comes that powerful ability to virally affect expectations. New ideas create change with rapid viral spread rather than through the old technology of advertising. Our ability to have a positive effect on outcomes increases.

What sort of things are on the horizon?

Recent Nanotechnology Articles including Aerogel uses - from NASA


Recent articles mention using aerogels in home insulation. With around twenty times the insulating ability of commonly used fibreglass, that's a great idea for energy efficiency. And many times lighter as well.

There is already a company, Aspen Aerogels, committed to providing aerogels for industrial and building insulation applications.

These amazingly light new materials can be incorporated into supercapacitors as an insulting layer. For other up-to-the-minute information on the various types of product available along with applications check out a site dedicated to aerogels.

Effects On LED Technology

Shrinking down to nanotechnology levels is going to offer greater abilities to build smaller and more efficient LEDs for maximal light generation from minimal power input.

Already Sony TV is announcing its "Crystal LED" TV with six million red, green and blue LEDs lined up side by side to create greater contrast and a wider range of true colours. Organic LEDs (OLEDs) are also being utilized in larger screens.


Recent Nanotechnology Articles cover applications of carbon nanotubules and materials transport - iStockPhoto

Other recent nanotechnology news indicates research into materials technology that could produce lighter, stronger material for cars, planes and other transportation. Lighter vehicles require less energy to propel them producing less emissions.

Hydrogen Economy

There are recent nanotechnology articles detailing work in efficiently generating hydogen from the action of sunlight on water. Even the highly energy-intensive method for hydrogen release through electrolysis can be made more efficient by treating the electrodes with nanotechnology.

Some recent nanotechnology articles also mention the ability to store hydrogen more effectively and safely for later use in fuel cells and other applications.

Photovoltaic Applications

Solar cell technology is being transformed through nanotechnology. Recent nanotechnology news indicates these breakthroughs should yield panels that are much cheaper to produce than even the rapid-price-falling silicon-based ones so frequently used today. Ultimately a thin, flexible-film, highly energy efficient solar panel would be the dream goal.

Vehicle Technology

Creating more efficient lubricants and coatings that decrease energy loss through friction has been noted in recent nanotechnology news articles.

And for vehicles and industries that still use conventional fossil fuels new nanotechnology-derived catalysts can ensure waste product breakdown into more enironmentally friendly substances.

Nano-sized motors are in development to generate work within electromagnetic fields. Some technical challenges still exist in getting bi-directional movements. But progress is being made.

Recent nanotechnology articles will open up a wide array of new possibilities for future alternative energy developments.

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