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Hydroelectricity news access gives an understanding of one of the lowest greenhouse gas emitting energy sources. Only closed geothermal energy generation systems are cleaner.

Being a totally renewable resource, knowing what is going on in hydroelectric power news gives a broader picture of the whole renewable energy scene.

A number of countries have a significant part of their energy production delivered by hydroelectric sources - Paraguay generates 100% of its energy requirements from this.

Currently just over half of the world's renewable energy supply comes from hydroelectric power.

There are projects worldwide in development now. A number of these will come on-line in the next few years.

Hydroelectricity News About Large Projects Similar To The Hoover Dam - iStockPhoto

Especially in large-scale developments the number of possible sites is rapidly decreasing. Adequate supply of water in an area that can be confined and form a large enough reservoir to produce reliable power limits the choice of locations.

With concerns on impact on the environment choices lessen more. Hydroelectricity news reveals how past dams have exposed a number of problems. Fish and other widelife can be affected - as noted with salmon spawning. Even the temperature of the water after passing through turbines being raised by a couple of degrees can affect local life. The amount of sediment usually carried by the river will affect the lifetime of the facility. Releasing water downline can erode downstream areas.

Ideas for developing alternative turbines which cause less harm to fish travelling downstream are being developed.

Displacement of populations, the inundation of important geological and culturally important sites has occurred regularly. Submerging forest areas with rising waters can lead to significant methane release as they decay. New methods to harvest underwater trees have been developed to mitigate this less than desirable effect.

The amount of energy that needs to be provided for an area will affect future choices for development.

Potential ideal larger hydropower sites unfortunately can be located far from the areas for delivery of the power. More costly reticulation systems to carry the power need to be factored into delivery.

Image courtesy of GCK Technology

The Gorlov Helical Turbine and important element for Hydroelectricity News

In areas that are remote, developing smaller units to provide local supply is ideal. The size of the unit to be developed is determined by the local requirements.

Therefore ideas showing in small hydro news,micro hydro news and pico hydro news will reveal possibilities for these developments now and in the future.

The smaller the requirements for supply the less the disruption needs to be to the water source. The smallest ones can have a pipe that directs a portion of the flow from the source, directs it through an appropriate turbine and then returns it back to the source.

Those larger than this can be run from river flow alone without damming or restricting the source. Certain blade constructions like those in the Gorlov helical turbine show promise with effective generation with relatively little risk of impact on the local fauna.

New initiatives found in hydroelectricity news have the potential to open up possibilities for other communities throughout the world.


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