Recent News On Global Warming
For Making Better Decisions

The most recent news on global warming will help us evaluate what is actually happening around us.

Recent News On Global Warming And Effects on Frogs - iStockPhoto

It is very possible for us to act like the proverbial frogs who will stay in a saucepan as the temperature is raised from cold to boiling, cooking themselves without realising and making an effort to jump out.

If environmental changes around us are slow enough and the cost of change seems too much we are less likely to do anything. Humanly speaking, change is always difficult and unsettling. We always fear it and avoid it.

Data Processing

Much of this has to do with how we process the world about us. As children we take in huge amounts of information. We become aware of certain patterns in the world about us and tend to use these patterns to help us run our daily lives.

As Mihaly Csikzentmihayli observed we are taking in over two million bits of information a second. But we can process only about 134 bits a second (about seven plus or minus two chunks) in order to remain sane.

To manage the information flow we filter out what we consider to be unimportant from our past experiences, memories, beliefs and values. No matter how hard we try we can take in only a limited amount of information. With this limited data we attempt to make decisions for good.

When extra pressures come into the picture, such as economic and social, our filters become more and more tight.

Therefore the more we can use technology to aid us in gathering useful information for recent news on global warming, the more effective we can be in making at least choices for ourselves, if not for the planet.

Value Of The Internet

One of the benefits of the internet and the increasingly huge amount of information on it, is that it becomes for us another brain.

The computer-mediated world does not need to be like Hal 9000 in 2001 - A Space Odyssey. But actually a more organic form. It is like an extra organ we all have available to us to create a community brain that will digest huge amounts of information as it becomes available.

Beyond and better than the actual country-based democratic process, it creates an organic democratic community that is near real time in observation and sharing.

For the most recent news on global warming we can access data as it is released by various investigation agencies, scientific and exploratory studies. As long as it goes onto the internet (and what does not these days?) it is available for us to consider.

The junk gets there as well. But one of the benefits of the sorts of algorithms that Google and others use is that trashy stuff tends to occupy low relevance in searches. Data that has good corroboration with other sources tends to rise to the top. Good new ideas have a chance to be heard as well. The connection is lightning fast around the world.

By having the most recent news on global warming we can see for ourselves what is actually happening. We can make more objective decisions.

Recent News on Global Warming has included polar bears stranded on ice flows - iStockPhoto

Like economic and family demands that press on us daily, our local weather patterns can confuse us. We can mentally form other explanations that may not be accurate as to why a particular winter is colder than it has been for years. Or why there is more rain or flooding occurring.

But if we can get recent news on global warming like actual changes in the polar ice cap, rising sea levels that have been measured and are being updated and what is actually happening to ocean currents, then we can get behind useful developments.

Accurate Information

Measurements at the various levels of the atmosphere for the various gases that contribute to a greenhouse effect would be helpful. Real-time changes give us more useful information.

People have observed that when measurements have been taken on the ground around areas that are supposed to be great contributors to carbon emmissions, the results do not match those expected. Chemically it is possible to calculate how much CO2 or methane or other global warming associated gases a particular process should release. But the measured actual air changes do not always stack up.

If we are making decisions for changes in our lifestyles then we want to be sure what we are doing is actually effective and useful.

Seeing pictures of polar bears stranded on iceflows might be emotive for us. But what is really happening? And is each change we make actually creating a difference?

Therefore having the most recent news on global warming is vital. Actual measurements and changes will highlight the importance. Behaviour changes are more likely to occur.

Rather than waiting for governments and their committees to meet, discuss, study, report back, make recommendations and then legislate, hoping they will get voted in at the next elections, it might be better to have faster feedback.

A good example of such a new, constantly updated resource is the one utilising Google Earth to check the state of the world's rivers.  This can illustrate the effect hydroelectric dams are having on rivers flows and coastlines.

The living, changing communicating worldwide network of information that is daily updated, especially in relation to the most recent news on global warming, will enable us to have a conversation that is topical rather than years old.

Recent News On Global Warming


Google News uncovers the latest news including variations in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, or ongoing changes in the polar ice caps, or the latest places affected by drought.


From Bing News collation we can check sea temperature changes, and thawing of permafrost in northern land masses, along with ongoing deforestation and its effects local and worldwide.

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