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Those looking for investment opportunity news in the alternative energy field will not be disappointed. The times they are a'changing - and businesses are having to change with it.

Whether it is in fields as diverse as steel production with increasing demands from developing markets and seeking to appear more green in the manufacture. Or to energy companies under government orders to employ more green energy options.

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Nuclear Energy Changes

Sudden changes such as the effects of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan with the subsequent serious effects on a major nuclear energy plant can have abrupt consequences on future choices and directions for alternative power generation.

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For many years the widespread effects of the Chernobyl fallout stopped or reduced further nuclear power station developments in a number of countries.

A bit like a stock investment news with market corrections, just when people begin to become confident to get involved again, another correction occurs and sets confidence way back. There had been statements emerging that nuclear power generation was now perfectly safe and we would never see another Chernobyl-type effect again.

Quite apart from the effect this event had on future nuclear devleopment, for Japan it has brought on the sudden demand for other types of alternative energy developments and therefore new investment opportunity news. There is talk of using the heat from garbage incineration to drive turbines for power. More supply needs to be found with at least two power stations shut down.

Outside Japan, in response to country-wide demonstrations, Germany has made the decision to shut down and inspect seven older reactors and to cease nuclear generation at least eight years earlier than an original agreed upon life extension program.

Other countries are reacting in similar ways.

Information Analysis

For those wanting investment opportunity news analysis already digested by the big players, then there is a wealth of information on the net from local to international.  There are the more traditional approaches such as with Bloomberg and CNBC to the more left field but innovative of Motley Fool.

Of course you need to do a bit of work in these larger organisation digestion machines to find those companies working in alternative energy.

Buy And Hold Strategies

For some alternative energy investment opportunity news other energy sources need to be found. With Kyoto protocol emissions targets on record these other energy sources need to be very low carbon emission, especially in view of nuclear power's relatively low carbon impact. New sources will need an even lower impact to reach a downward emission goal.

From an investment strategy in alternative energy news those wanting a longer term buy and hold, Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett type approach, seeking those more solid companies already involved in the appropriate industries should see good long term growth in portfolio value. These recent changes and the continued commitment to Kyoto will only serve to boost economic production.


For others wanting a George Soros type trading portfolio these sudden changes are fortuitous. Bloomberg has announced huge volatility in solar stocks in recent times. With news changes, subsidy provisions and withdrawals, pressures to achieve targets for green energy generation more volatility is inevitable.

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Controlling Essential Supplies

Those more of a Rockefeller control of the supply lines strategy, being involved in the substrates for the materials and manufacture of the energy generators will give great leverage.

For investment opportunity news relating to this, changes in China's supply of rare earths due to wanting to retain a significant proportion for their own use and currently supplying 99% of the world market is causing a scarcity of such essential supplies. Re-opening of mines in the USA and development of new ones in Australia will help ease these shortages. Controlling the sources of supply is a possibility.

More basic in this strategy is the related infrastructure for the varieties of alternative and renewable-type energy supplies. Also new transport initiatives will be important. Hybrid and fuel-cell-powered vehicles numbers will increase again to meet targets and popular demand.

Regional Variations

Economic growth in Asia continues while the USA and Europe are still mired in difficulties. Demand will be greatest in those rapidly developing nations. Even the relative rate of growth of banks in these countries has been modified in recent times with expectations of accelerated growth compared to traditional leading Western ones. This is mainly due to the effects of the recent economic changes with Asia shrugging off the recession so well.

Sector Analysis

Energy demand and Kyoto-protocol-driven priorities are causing even industries like steel manufacture to seek ways to lower their carbon impact. Proposals to steer away from the use of manufactured coke, changes demand and supply driven industry effects.

Demand for natural gas as a slightly less polluting fuel than coal and oil has lead to further field developments. Such as the huge gas from coal deposit field at present underway in Queensland, Australia.  

Also the more recent fracking methods in the USA especially has produced an abundance of cheap gas for immediate energy concerns.  This has served to deflect more urgent development of alternative energy options and may well come back to bite countries whose foresight has been somewhat blinded.

In renewable energy some methods have been scarcely touched yet. Development of water-generated power from the oceans in their tides, waves and currents has barely begun. Visual concerns around wind generation do not exist with most of these ocean-derived options. With the greatly increased efficiency of power production compared to wind, this has huge potential.

Venture Capital

Unrealised energy sources still in development are offering venture capital investors wide choices. Especially in the field of the massive potential nuclear fusion energy, picking a winner or two will result in life-changing returns.

The updated news items following will give further information in investment opportunity news. Checking back regularly will be helpful free investment news to many potential investors.

Alternative Energy Investment Opportunity News


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